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E-LITE Consulting is a boutique advisory firm with an inventive approach to strategies and project execution.

Our expertise lies in unveiling opportunities for our clients and crafting bespoke pathways to their aspirations. Recognizing that implementation is often the stumbling block for many, we provide close guidance that’s as unique and innovative as the clients we serve, precisely tailored to their specific needs and situations. 

We adopt a dual-pronged approach that addresses your needs across

  • Financial management and processes
  • Strategic planning
  • Project implementation
  • Process optimization
  • Developing new business ideas.

At E-LITE Consulting, we don’t just advise—we partner with you to ensure that your journey from vision to reality is smooth, successful, and sustainable.

Companies We’ve Worked with

We Help

  • Venture-Funded Projects
  • Corporations and Established Organizations Seeking Improvement
  • Executives and Leaders Who Need Advice or Implementation
  • Startups at the Initial or Growth Stage
  • Owners with Business Ideas

Are These Problems Familiar to You?

We have a solution for you

A startup with a brilliant business idea, yet unsure about the roadmap to realization
Beginning with an in-depth brainstorming session, we’ll carve out a clear strategy and set ambitious goals, outline the journey ahead, pinpoint key milestones, and structure the company optimally to give life to your brilliant business idea.
A leader with clear objectives but lacking the time and team for execution
Many leaders find themselves balancing operational responsibilities and projects. They possess a clear vision of what they aim to implement and enhance. Let's articulate the goals, establish milestones and KPIs, create a time schedule, and proceed to implementation effectively.
Senior management needs to focus on core operations while also driving improvements and new initiatives
Let us be your reliable right-hand for the project or initiative. We will meet regularly to align on goals and priorities, review the progress and open issues, reassess the direction, and clarify details. This way, you can remain vested in core operations while concurrently driving improvements and new initiatives.
We received strategic advice, but it's too general for our company
We will engage in a targeted consultation, define specific company needs, refine the advisory approach, set actionable milestones, and create a tailored strategy to align with your company's unique dynamics.
Most projects did not succeed, although we invested in project tools
Several success factors need to work together. We will initiate a deep dive into company culture and values, ensure alignment with objectives, and enhance project management skills to turn the tide on project outcomes.
We are seasoned managers but struggle with real achievements
Let's evaluate how you define and own your goals, your role as a sponsor, and the clarity of your long-term vision. Are you truly accountable for realizing that vision? Let's transition from mere managerial responsibility to embodying an entrepreneurial mindset for success.

About Us

Peter Ilas, founder and CEO, photo

Peter Ilas, FCCA

- Founder & CEO -

  • Versatile interim executive fulfilling roles as CFO, COO, and CAO
  • Seasoned expert in finance and accounting, with a distinguished record of achievements
  • Committed strategic advisor, bringing a wealth of innovative ideas
  • Business process and controls improver
  • Creator of the world's first comprehensive courses on E-Invoicing Mandates at RSAgile.com
  • Author of project management books branded Ready Set Agile
  • Explore my complete profile and accomplishments at LinkedIn

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